Our tentative program is as follows (all times are PDT)

09:0009:15Opening (chair: Toine Bogers)
09:1510:00Keynote 1: Robyn Rap (chair: Chris Johnson)
10:0010:30Paper session 1 (chair: Mesut Kaya)
10:0010:15Closing the Gender Wage Gap: Adversarial Fairness in Job Recommendation. Clara Rus, Jeffrey Luppes, Harrie Oosterhuis and Gido Schoenmacker.
10:1510:30End-to-End Bias Mitigation in Candidate Recommender Systems with Fairness Gates. Adam Mehdi Arafan, David Graus, Fernando Pascoal Santos and Emmanuelle Beauxis-Aussalet.
10:3011:00β˜•οΈ Coffee break
11:0012:30Panel (chair: David Graus)
12:3014:00🍽 Lunch
14:0014:45Keynote 2: Liangjie Hong (chair: Toine Bogers)
14:4515:30Paper session 2 (chair: Toine Bogers)
14:4515:00Model Threshold Optimization for Segmented Job-Jobseeker Recommendation System. Yichao Jin, Anirudh Alampally, Dheeraj Toshniwal, Zhiming Xu and Ankush Girdhar.
15:0015:15Design of Negative Sampling Strategies for Distantly Supervised Skill Extraction. Jens-Joris Decorte, Jeroen Van Hautte, Johannes Deleu, Chris Develder and Thomas Demeester.
15:1515:30Flexible Job Classification with Zero-Shot Learning. Thomas Lake.
15:3016:00β˜•οΈ Coffee break
16:0016:15Paper session 3 (chair: Chris Johnson)
16:0016:15Explainable Career Path Predictions using Neural Models. Roan Schellingerhout, Volodymyr Medentsiy and Maarten Marx.
16:1517:15Discussion/break-out session (chair: Chris Johnson)
17:1517:30Closing (chair: Toine Bogers)