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0:00 Introduction by Toine Bogers
6:45 Keynote by Quirine Eijkman

Paper session 1
55:34 Quantifying and reducing imbalance in networks by Yoosof Mashayekhi
1:09:53 An Exploration of the Information Seeking Behavior of Recruiters by Toine Bogers

Paper session 2
1:26:29 Effectiveness of job title-based embeddings on résumé-to-job ad recommendation by Mesut Kaya
1:41:27 conSultantBERT: Fine-tuned Siamese Sentence-BERT for Matching Jobs and Job Seekers by Dor Lavi

1:55:09 Break-out sessions (introduction + summaries)

2:12:13 Keynote by Kaare Danielsen

Paper session 3
2:50:16 Fair candidate ranking with spatial partitioning: Lessons from the SIOP ML competition by Robin Burke
3:04:16 Recommendations for Recruiters with Sentiment Detection by Ashish Lakhani
3:23:04 Responsible Data Management for Human Resources by Dimitrios Vogiatzis

3:38:33 Panel on challenges of HR tech with Kaare Danielsen, Christiaan Duijst, Gerd Goetschalckx, Krishnaram Kentapadi
3:38:44 Panel topic 1: EU framework on AI
3:50:44 Panel topic 2: Fair & inclusive HR Tech
4:06:36 Panel topic 3: Activating hidden workers

4:30:55 Closing by Francisco Gutierrez