Keynote: Matissa Hollister

Title: The responsible use of AI in HR

Abstract: The use of AI in HR has the potential to bring benefits to both organizations and workers, but it is also a use case that raises many concerns. Matissa Hollister will share the key insights and recommendations from the World Economic Forum’s initiative on Human-Centred AI for HR, a project she designed and led.

Speaker bio

Matissa Hollister is an Assistant Professor (teaching) of Organizational Behaviour at McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management. Professor Hollister’s research examines how employer-employee relationships have evolved over the past five decades in North America. She is also an expert on the use of artificial intelligence in human resources and the impact of AI on the future of work. In 2019-2021, she designed and led an initiative with the World Economic Forum on the responsible use of AI in HR. She is co-chair of the Responsible AI Institute’s Automated Employment Working Group on responsible AI certification standards, has consulted with numerous private, government, and non-profit organizations on responsible AI use, and is a frequent speaker on AI ethics and policy.