Keynote: Madhu Kurup

Title: Location and Salary: Why we may know less than we think we know

Abstract:  In the fast-evolving landscape of job marketplaces, location and salary are consistently cited as key factors considered in choosing where to work. While each may seem straightforward to consider in the context of job matching and recommendations, they entail intricate considerations. A simple location radius doesn’t capture commute logistics or lifestyle amenities, and the rise of remote and hybrid jobs post-COVID has shifted the focus of many jobseekers to work-life compatibility. Salary is equally intricate due to emerging transparency laws, its interplay with company benefits, and cost-of-living considerations. This presentation delves into the multifaceted interplay of location and salary in job recommendations, navigating the complexities of external influences and personal preferences, and offering solutions for addressing them.

Speaker bio

Madhu Kurup is a Vice President, Engineering at, the worlds #1 job site. He works on match recommendations which includes multiple teams of engineers, data scientists and product managers. He works closely with partners across the company to help people get jobs with less effort via machine learning. Prior to joining Indeed in 2020, he spent 13 years at Amazon in a variety of roles, including AWS, duplicate detection and personalization and recommendations. He has a Master of Engineering degree from Cornell University. In his spare time, Madhu can be found in the garden trying to grow blueberries, listening to fiction on audiobooks on walks and trying to enjoy the Pacific Northwest with his kids.