The third RecSys in HR workshop will take place on September 19, 2023. The workshop program is as follows (all times are SGT):

Start End  
09:00 09:15 Opening (chair: Toine Bogers)
09:15 10:00 Keynote 1: Matissa Hollister (chair: Toine Bogers)
10:00 10:30 Paper session 1 (chair: Toine Bogers)
10:00 10:15 FEIR: Quantifying and Reducing Envy and Inferiority for Fair Recommendation of Limited Resources (Nan Li, Bo Kang, Jefrey Lijffijt and Tijl De Bie)
10:15 10:30 Counterfactual Representations for Intersectional Fair Ranking in Recruitment (Clara Rus, Maarten de Rijke and Andrew Yates)
10:30 11:15 ☕️ Coffee break
11:15 12:15 Panel (chair: David Graus)
12:15 12:35 Audience/panel discussion (chair: David Graus)
12:35 14:00 🍽 Lunch
14:00 14:45 Keynote 2: Madhu Kurup (chair: Chris Johnson)
14:45 15:30 Paper session 2 (chair: Chris Johnson)
14:45 15:00 Enhancing PLM Performance on Labour Market Tasks via Instruction-based Finetuning and Prompt-tuning with Rules (Jarno Vrolijk and David Graus)
15:00 15:15 Large Language Models as Batteries-Included Zero-Shot ESCO Skills Matchers (Benjamin Clavié and Guillaume Soulié)
15:15 15:30 Identifying Words in Job Advertisements Responsible for Gender Bias in Candidate Ranking Systems via Counterfactual Learning (Deepak Kumar, Tessa Grosz, Elisabeth Greif, Navid Rekabsaz and Markus Schedl)
15:30 16:05 ☕️ Coffee break
16:05 17:20 Paper session 3 (chair: Mesut Kaya)
16:05 16:20 Résumé Parsing as Hierarchical Sequence Labeling: An Empirical Study (Federico Retyk, Hermenegildo Fabregat Marcos, Juan Aizpuru, Mariana Taglio and Rabih Zbib)
16:20 16:35 Enhancing Resume Content Extraction in Question Answering Systems through T5 Model Variants (Yuxin Luo, Feng Lu, Vaishali Pal and David Graus)
16:35 16:50 Career Path Prediction using Resume Representation Learning and Skill-based Matching (Jens-Joris Decorte, Jeroen Van Hautte, Johannes Deleu, Chris Develder and Thomas Demeester)
16:50 17:05 Career Path Recommendations for Long-term Income Maximization: A Reinforcement Learning Approach (Spyros Avlonitis, Dor Lavi, Masoud Mansoury and David Graus)
17:05 17:20 Tackling Cold Start For Job Recommendation With Heterogeneous Graphs (Éric Behar, Julien Romero, Amel Bouzeghoub and Katarzyna Wegrzyn)
17:20 17:35 Closing (chair: Jens-Joris de Corte)